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It’s almost summer, which means the season of grads, dads, newlyweds, and new homeowners is upon us. That means you probably need some gift ideas for these important people in your life.

If you don’t want to write yet another check or buy another bottle of wine (though no one would complain about either of those things), here is a list of unique gifts to give that are catered to individual tastes.

Perfect gifts for graduates

For the traveler

Passport holder | This will stay with them whether their travels take them to Thailand, Greece, Canada, or Tokyo.

Backpacking pack | These can be a bit pricey, but a good pack is essential. Check with your graduate first to make sure you purchase the right size and brand for their upcoming adventures.

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Outlet converter | For phones, laptops, cameras, hair dryers, and more. It never hurts to have more than one!

For the aspiring teacher

Customized name plaque | Not only is this a cute idea, but it’s also functional! This will get your graduate excited to be in their own classroom, and will help out younger students trying to remember their teacher’s name.

New or hand-me-down books for the classroom | You can never have too many books! Consider also gifting them a shelf to keep books on for their classroom “library.”

Art or office-supply gift card | Chances are, your graduate is coming out of college with some student debt. Help them out with their classroom supplies with a gift card.

For the professional

Business cards | Even if your grad doesn’t have a job lined up, a business card with their name, contact information, and field of interest can help them look more professional when networking. This is another one you might want to check with them first before ordering.

Coffee pot or Keurig | Early mornings require coffee. If your grad is heading toward a 9-to-5 job, a morning cup of joe is a necessity.

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For the one moving out of state

Toolbox | A new place means hanging shelves, curtains, wall art, and more, plus fixing any minor problems that arise.

Easy recipe book | Easy and cheap recipes are a must for young adults. They should be healthy, tasty, and not break the budget.

Coasters | Cute coasters are a great little gift for a graduate who is getting their own place. Rest easy knowing there won’t be water rings on their new furniture!

Perfect gifts for dads

For the beer lover

At-home beer brewing kit | Even if it ends up tasting horrible, it’s something you and Dad can work on together.

A trip to his (or your) favorite local brewery | If your dad doesn’t like to work for his beer, treat him for an afternoon at his favorite local brewery, or introduce him to one of your regular spots.

For the outdoorsy dad

Insulated water bottle or cooler | There are tons of different brands that make stainless steel insulated water bottles and coolers. They keep your cold bevs cold and your hot bevs hot–some of them for up to 24 hours.

Bucket hat | The hat that will keep him cool in more ways than one.

For the sport fanatic

Sunglasses | He can rock his new shades at every game he attends, whether it’s major league or little league.

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Socks | To show off his team pride whether he’s watching the game, at work, or at the gym.

For the hip dad

A new pair of shoes | Like boots. For the dads who ditched their white sneakers for something a little more sophisticated.

Fancy shaving kit | He’ll feel like he’s getting the royal treatment every time he shaves.

For the dad who’s into tech

A smart watch | Your dad will love his new smart watch, and so will you! Now he can read your emoji-filled texts no matter where he is.

Virtual reality headset | Make sure you get to try it out before you lose him to virtual reality.

Perfect gifts for newlyweds

For pampering

Matching bathrobes | There’s nothing better than a nice, cozy bathrobe. The newlyweds will feel like they’re at a 5-star hotel every time they put them on!

Essential oils and bath salts | Lavender and tea tree oils soothe and relax.

For their travels

Piggy bank | Plus some cash to start their savings. Encourage them to save a little of their cash every week, and soon they’ll be jet-setting all over the world!

Framed map of the world | To inspire them to save money and remind them of their favorite travels.

A journal | A travel journal is perfect the perfect gift for recording favorite memories, restaurants, and hidden gems found during travels.

For date night

Gift card to buy a new outfit | After spending their money on a wedding, finances could be tight. A new outfit would be a great surprise for their first date night.

A nice bottle of wine | For adding something special to date nights spent at home in sweats.

Perfect gifts for new homeowners

For the kitchen

Serving bowls, plates, and a pitcher | That way, once they are all settled into their new home, you’ll be invited over for dinner parties and cook-outs!

Bar cart or bar cart accessories | If a nice bottle of gin is considered an accessory in your book, that’s OK, too.

For the nature lovers

Indoor plants | Help these new homeowners add a little life to their new home. Include care instructions if they are new to plant parenting.

Outdoor seating | No matter if they have a patio, a large yard, or just a balcony, they’ll appreciate a comfortable chair, bench, or hammock to kick up their feet and enjoy some fresh air.

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For the home library

Limited edition of their favorite book | If their copy of Harry Potter or The Velveteen Rabbit has seen better days, you might consider buying them a new copy that they can put on display.

For the DIY-ers

Gift card to a home-improvement store | Like Home Depot or Lowe’s. It will help them get started on the many projects they have ahead of them.

Hard hat(s) | Or anything else they can wear while getting the job done. It will add some fun to their hours of labor.

For the tech-savvy homeowners

A personal assistant | Google, Apple, and Amazon make voice-controlled assistants that can read your emails to you, tell you your schedule, turn your appliances on and off, or just play some tunes.

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