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When was the last time you freshened up your interior decor? It doesn’t matter whether you redecorate seasonally or once every 10 years, it’s still fun to keep up with the current trends. 

Here are seven trends, ranging from color to shelving, that are on our minds right now.

Which trends are your favorite?

On Wednesdays, we wear millennial pink

You might be hearing about a certain shade of pink that is taking both products and the Internet by storm, a color referred to as “millennial pink.” This shade is great for adding pops of color and a sense of youthfulness to your home.

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If millennial pink isn’t necessarily your shade, consider going beyond the sweet hue by decorating with fuchsia, hot pink, or rose gold.

Color it mint and black

Is pink not your color? Then a fresh, crisp light green paired with edgy and bold black might be more your style. This cool combo creates a crisp, modern look and still manages to spice up your space.

Apartment Therapy claims it’s the freshest color combo yet in 2017, and we’re inclined to agree.

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Join the wallpaper movement

Wallpaper is yet another design trend making a comeback. With easy peel-and-stick options, tons of homeowners and renters are opting to add textures and patterns to their walls in a way that only wallpaper will allow them to.

We suggest picking a wallpaper based on the current decor in your room. If you already decorate with bright, bold colors, opt for a neutral print with a pattern or texture that adds to the room, rather than distracts.

If your color palette is naturally muted with few actual colors, add some excitement to your walls using a floral print. Tie your new bold statement walls into the rest of the room with some throw pillows or a new rug that shares the same color scheme.

Nervous about making a big change? Start in your half bath or just paper one wall in your bedroom before you work your way into common rooms. You can also tackle the breakfast nook or a wall behind built-in shelves.

Bring in new life

No, we’re not telling you to have a baby or adopt a puppy. A much easier way to liven up your space is by incorporating house plants. Even if you lack a green thumb, there are plenty of low-maintenance indoor plants that require minimum light and attention.

Not only do house plants add character to your home, but they also play an important role in reducing carbon dioxide levels, airborne dust levels, and air temperatures. They also reduce stress and increase humidity, which is great for your health.

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Bring in the rustic, earthy vibes

There are several ways to prepare your home for autumn by bringing more warmth into your home, without darkening your interior too much.

Use dark wood accents, like chandeliers, shelving, or accent pieces. Also incorporate fresh fruits, greenery or fresh flowers, faux antlers or animal-inspired decor to achieve your rustic look.

Adding rustic accents doesn’t mean a cluttered space, though. Simple, earthy tones paired with sleek organization is all you need, and a muted, neutral backdrop will keep your home from looking too dark.

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Add open shelving

Open shelving is not just for knickknacks and collectibles anymore. It’s an easy way to add storage not only to your kitchen, but also to your living room, bathrooms, bedroom, entryway, and really anywhere else you can fit them (without overdoing it).

What should you be storing on these shelves? Here are a few suggestions:

Pull your look together by leaning or hanging framed art on the walls behind the shelves.

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Brass it up

Right now, one of our favorite looks is brass accents. Replacing your fixtures, like faucets, doorknobs, and lighting with brass alternatives may seem like a subtle change, but it can make a very sophisticated impact on your home.

Tie in your new brass pieces with mirrors, photo frames, candleholders, knickknacks, or figurines. With just the right amount of brass, you can take any color scheme to the next level of design perfection.

Apartment Therapy has a great tutorial on faux-brass-painting figurines.

What are some trends that you love?

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