April 17th, 2015 at 12:00 pm

We’re proud to announce the following agents joined our network during the month of March. Welcome to the team!

Natalie Brown

Jeff Kraus

Cerissa Castrotta

Tiffanie Robertson

Traci Cline

Bryn Dejardin

David Dunzer

Karen Erro

Stephen Friddle

Melissa Galicia

Donald Hildre Jr.

Margaret Johnson

Edna Juarez

Manabu Kagiyama

Renee Konstantine

Stacey Malandris

Donna Mead

Kerry Mormann

Ann Napal

Suzanne Nightingale

Brian O’Neill

Kelly Panetti

Jeremy Politte

Joseph Ruiz

Graciela Sandez

Garry Scoby

Tim Thompsen

Gregory Thompson

Chris Tislow

Adrian Urrea

Marilyn Wilson-Rutherford

Petra Yarbrough

David Yegenian

Kevin Brent

Sue Burkhart

Jennifer Castaneda

George Cendejas

Victoria Chung

Michael Darwich

Sierra Falso

Andrei Feoktistov

Jeffery Goodall Jr.

Asher Hardt

David Howe

Si Belle Israel

Laura Kotal

Adam Paul Levine

Ellen Lindzon

Megan Melton

Mary Millar

Corinne Nakamura

Brittany Nordio

Anita Otano

Rinde Philippe

Gregory Phillips

Fanny D. Rosental

Ruben Rosental

Carlos San Miguel

Thomas Szulga

Christine Terrazas

Courtney Venable

Kathy Williams

Molly Winkle

Xiaosong (Shelly) Wu

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