October 5th, 2016 at 11:00 am

perfect time to buy a home

In any industry, there are myths that are often thought to be the truth. This is true in real estate, but luckily we have an abundance of experienced professionals who can educate you and debunk any myths when it comes to the home buying or selling process.

We decided to look at some of the most common myths in real estate to show you that not everything you hear is true, and that taking a few minutes to talk to a REALTOR® in your community can help ease your worries when it’s time to buy or sell.

Myth: There is a perfect time to buy a home

Although you might see multiple articles claiming that spring is the absolute best time to buy, or that you need to wait until an election is over before you even think about purchasing a property, there really is only one thing that can determine the perfect time to buy: you.

When determining if now is the perfect time for you to buy a home, there are several things you can consider:

Which season is the best for homebuyers?

Many real estate professionals and sources will argue that spring is the best time to sell a home; but what does that mean for buyers? If you are buying a home in spring or summer, you will still likely experience some benefits.

Benefits to buying a home in the spring or summer:

Obstacles to consider when buying a home in the spring or summer:

If you choose to buy a home during the “off” season, you will face obstacles. However, there are many benefits to buying during the holidays that you might not have thought of.

Benefits to buying a home in the fall or winter:

Obstacles to consider when buying in the fall and winter:

When is the best time for you to buy a home?

Do you keep putting off purchasing a new home because “now just really isn’t the right time”? Maybe you just got a new job or promotion and don’t need the added stress of homebuying while you acclimate, or your child is about to start middle school and you’re worried about disrupting home life on top of switching schools.

Though these excuses might seem like valid reasons to not buy a home right now, there are a few other things you should ask yourself before you completely reject the idea:

Why do you want to buy?

Have you thought about where you want to buy?

How will this affect your personal life?

Are your finances in order?

If the questions above didn’t alarm you or raise any red flags, that probably means now is a good time for you to buy. If there are a few that you don’t have answers for yet, keep working toward a point where you have an answer that you feel comfortable with.

So next time you hear that spring is the “perfect time to buy a home,” make sure you consider all the things you’re looking for from the homebuying process. What it comes down to is whether you are mentally and financially prepared to buy a home.

When you think you’re ready, your first step to buying a home is to consult a licensed real estate professional in your community, or in the community you intend to buy in.

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