February 27th, 2015 at 7:30 am

Healthy eating in LA

Everyone wants to eat healthier. One of the problems with that is that even when we do put healthier foods on our shelves or in our refrigerators, they often come replete with chemicals and preservatives designed to keep them fresh during their transit from field to shipping warehouse to store shelves to your plate.

But what if there was a way to take advantage of the bounty of crops, meats and breads produced by the vast number of local farms and bakeries throughout the United States, and have them delivered right to your door?

Now there’s a way to do just that, thanks to Good Eggs and its fresh-food home-delivery service. Currently available in the San Francisco Bay Area, Brooklyn, Los Angeles and New Orleans, Good Eggs is an online service that works directly with local growers to harvest meats, veggies, breads, and other products, and deliver them while still tasty and fresh. It’s all the benefits of a farmer’s market with all the convenience of online shopping.

It’s an easy way to order organic, delicious, and healthy locally grown food right from the comfort of your computer or mobile device. Just log on to the site and select from individual products, bundle deals of multiple types, or even specific ingredients to make delicious recipes such as pizza, pasta, or Surf n’ Turf.

Even better, you can pick and choose where your produce comes from, as the website gives you the option to determine which supplier the harvest comes from. That way, if you discover you particularly like one grower’s avocado, and another’s carrots, and still a third’s eggs, you can always be sure that you get precisely what you want. It also means you can develop a true relationship with the grower, and learn to appreciate that food simply doesn’t appear on your grocer’s shelf, but is the product of hard work, care, and trust between you and your local farmer.

You are only a mouse click or two away from discovering what fresh and sustainable really tastes like. Good Eggs hopes everyone will soon be able to make the switch to locally grown foods, and that farming can be less of a business and more of a relationship. Visit and see for yourself if their philosophy and outlook makes for more than a tasty dinner.

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