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prepare you home for hoiday guests

Are you entertaining this holiday season? If so, preparing now can help you avoid the agony and stress of this busy time of year. Follow these tips to get your home in tiptop shape and to wow your family and friends.

Get organized

Start by making a list of things you need to accomplish. Your master list can include anything from sending invitations to fixing the railing on your front porch. Getting organized and understanding the tasks ahead will help you to stay focused and on track.

Clean the kitchen appliances

If you’re hosting a holiday dinner of any sort, it’s time to give your appliances a good scrub. Clean your microwave, refrigerator, and oven. When cleaning your oven, avoid putting unnecessary pressure on the equipment by using the self-cleaning cycle. Instead, give it a good scrubbing. Now would also be a good time to check your oven temperature and ensure that it is up to the task of preparing food for your family and friends. When cleaning your refrigerator, be sure to throw away any old food.

get ready for the holidays

Inspect other household equipment

Go beyond your cooking appliances and check out some of your household equipment. Clean out your dishwasher and ensure all parts are working effectively. Take a look at your vacuum cleaner and replace any bags or empty canisters. How do your broom and mop look? Consider buying a new one if either are in poor condition, or replacing your mop head. Walk around all rooms of your house and test the light fixtures. Replace any burned-out light bulbs you find. Be sure to check both inside and the outside your house. Also, replace any smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector batteries.

Prepare for cooking

Assess what items you may need to prepare your feast. For example, do you have enough cutting boards and mixing bowls? Now is also a great time to sharpen your knives. While you’re at it, stock up on all the essentials like garbage bags, aluminum foil, plastic wrap, wax paper, disposable pans, containers for leftovers, and dish soap. Don’t forget to check your spices. Throw out any over a year old and stock up on what you’ll need to prepare your feast.

Clean guest areas

Guests will see certain parts of your home and you’ll want all of these areas to sparkle. Spend some time cleaning your toilets and making sure each flushes correctly. Clean bathroom counter tops and your showers. Ensure that you have fresh linens for guests to use, and any other necessary toiletries. Assess your shared storage space. Now is a great time to go through your closet and donate any unused or unwanted items.

Take care of your walkways

The last thing any host or hostess wants is an injury during their jubilant celebration. One way to avoid a catastrophe is by making your home slip- and fall-proof. Fix loose or crumbling steps, deck boards, and railings, and clear debris from all walkways. You also might want to apply double-sided tape to rugs that slide. Make sure there’s enough light in each area so guests can see where they are heading.

Childproof as needed

Are you expecting guests with little ones? Complete a few child-safety preparations prior to your party. Move any breakable objects away from edges and cover your electrical outlets.

Be prepared for an emergency

Double-check the items you have on hand. You should have a stocked first-aid kit, working and accessible fire extinguisher, and jumper cables.


Creating a wondrous festive home during the holidays can be as simple as adding a few small decorations. Purchase seasonal scented candles to evoke warmth throughout your home. Place holiday soap and towels in your kitchen and bathrooms. Hang a seasonal wreath on your door and place winter floral arrangements throughout your home. Cozy up your living room with plush pillows and fuzzy blankets.

Have more holiday prep tips? Let us know in the comments below.


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