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As exciting as a new season can be, especially after the year we’re having, we also know that fall can feel daunting to some. The days get shorter and darker, which in itself can have a huge affect on your overall health and happiness. Although Southern California is a beautiful place to live year-round, there are still some adjustments to make when it comes to the fall and winter seasons.

We gathered a few ideas below that we hope with help you cope with a new season and help you to live your best life!

Prioritize self-care

It’s important to take a little time each day just for yourself. Especially with distance learning and remote working, it can get hard to separate your work/school life from your down time at home. For early birds, try waking up earlier and staying off your phone for at least an hour while you make your coffee or tea and read, listen to music, or even jot down some thoughts. If you’re a night owl, try ending your night with a cup of decaf tea, apply a face mask and light a candle, then make a list of all the things you achieved that day or are grateful for. You could also use this time to reach out to a friend or family member or create a list of to-do’s for the week if that will help you relax and feel more prepared.

Self-care activities

Take a bath

Call a friend/family member

Listen to music

Apply a face mask

Drink your favorite tea

However you choose to use your time, remember it’s your time, and to do the things you love. If binge-watching a new show, redecorating/reorganizing different spaces in your home, or even re-reading your favorite book brings you joy, then doing that will help get you out of that end-of-summer funk.

Get outside

Taking the time to go outside, even if it’s just for ten minutes, can make a huge impact on your overall health. A break from your computer screen and some fresh air can get your creative juices flowing, plus taking in a deep breath of fresh air is never a bad thing before you dive right back into work. Getting outside means you’re soaking up Vitamin D, which is especially important during the fall and winter months. So, go ahead and take that walk. Your body and mind will thank you!

Make new, healthy changes

If your fall plan includes making new changes that will benefit your health, it can be overwhelming when considering all the options. We suggest starting small, by making little changes that won’t completely shake up your routine.

Some easy changes include drinking more water, like right when you wake up and with every meal or swapping out sugary desserts or processed snacks with fresh fruits and veggies.

Easy healthy changes

Buy local, seasonal fruits and vegetables

Go for a 15-minute walk each day

Drink a full glass of water with every meal

Stay off your phone during the first and last hours of your day

Add indoor plants to your home

Make sleep a priority

We know you’ve heard this before, but getting a full night’s rest is essential for both your physical and mental healthy. Getting that full 8 hours (or 6, if that’s all you need!) is vital to your well-being, but it’s not just the amount of time you’re sleeping. Getting a good night’s rest also includes going to sleep at the same time every day, refraining from looking at electronics for at least one hour before going to bed, and keeping your bedroom cool and dark. If you need a little extra help falling asleep, and counting sheep won’t cut it, we recommend soft music, noise machines, or a humidifier to help you catch those Z’s.

Be more spontaneous

When you get caught in the monotony of your day to day, it can be hard to pull yourself out of it. We suggest “planning” a little spontaneity by doing at least one new or out-of-the-ordinary thing each month. Go on a road trips, buy yourself a new fall sweater, have a socially-distanced picnic with family, friends, or by yourself, or buy (and eat!) your favorite Halloween candy.

These activities don’t need to cost money or use up your time off, but mixing up your plans is fun and a great mood-booster for you and your family/friends.

(Not-so) spontaneous ideas

Grab ice cream from your favorite local shop

Have a picnic at the park or beach

Take a quick day trip to somewhere new

Sign up for an online class or tutorial

Buy some paint and wine for an at-home paint night

And, if buying or selling a home is on your list of new, spontaneous things to try this fall, you can connect with any one of our expert Southern California REALTORS® today to get started! 

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