November 2nd, 2015 at 10:00 am

sell your home during the holidays

You’ve got enough to think about during the holidays besides selling your home. Or do you?

If you think about it, putting your home on the market November through January has a lot of advantages. In fact, according to, 60 percent of REALTORS® advise their clients to list homes during the holidays because they feel it’s such a great time to sell.

While any experienced real estate agent will tell you there’s never a bad month to list your home, the holiday season has been shown to be an ideal time for reasons you might not have considered. Here are just a few of them:

A smaller market

Listing your home during the holidays places it in a smaller pool of what real estate professionals call “inventory.” The lower the inventory of available homes, the higher the likelihood they will attract potential buyers. That’s typically the case in hot markets like Southern California. Of course, factors such as neighborhood, the home’s condition, and mortgage rates play into the equation. Your agent can give you a good estimate of how long it could take to sell, realistic asking price, etc.

homeselling during the holidaysSeriously, folks

If your listing or open house grabs the attention of potential buyers, you can feel more confident they are serious. They’ll probably have more time to spend looking through each home they like, especially if they’re taking vacation time from their job. So do your best to keep them interested.

Set the stage

If you’re staging for an open house or private appointments, get your home in the holiday spirit. Fill it with the aroma of fresh baked goods for guests to enjoy, along with holiday beverages like hot cider and eggnog. Light some holiday candles and maybe even the fireplace to make everyone feel welcome. If you put up holiday decorations, try to keep them areligious as you never know what type of reaction they may generate.

Go for the emotions

Buyers can get emotional during the holidays. They might visualize themselves and their families celebrating the season in a new house. Do your best to make them feel at home in your home. Display photos of family gatherings and events – whether they’re yours or images that came with the frame – to set the mood.

’Tis the slow season for service providers

Other businesses involved in the home-sale process are likely less busy during the holidays, so they should be able to devote more time and attention to your needs. These can include appraisers, inspectors, lenders, and escrow officers. If you need to fix up the property to fetch top dollar, contractors such as remodelers, interior designers, plumbers, and painters also might be freed up and willing to negotiate great prices.

Be transfer-ready

Corporate transfers traditionally hit their peak each January. If you want your listing to be seen by relocating executives, staff, and their representatives, your home needs to be on the market during this time of opportunity.

Taxing situations

Some buyers are eager to close on a home by year-end for tax advantages. Again, your home must be listed to catch their attention. They’re looking for a write-off, and your place could fill that need.

Sell now, buy later

When you sell during the holidays, you could have more negotiating power when getting into your next home. If you buy after January, when the market becomes inundated with listings, coming in with funds from the sale of your last home might give you the edge in a bidding situation.

Give your agent a (small) break

Look for an agent who plans to be around during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. As stated above, most agents are eager to sell your home this time of year. They deserve to enjoy the holidays as well, but make sure they won’t be off visiting relatives in another state when that tempting offer comes in.

Is now the time for you to sell? Let us help you learn more about how to get started.


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