July 27th, 2015 at 10:00 am

stay cool with no ac

Sleepless in San Diego? Sweltering in Santa Barbara?

The debate over global warming goes on, but there’s no denying temperatures have been unseasonably hot in Southern California in recent weeks.

If you don’t have central air conditioning or multiple window units at home, life can get pretty uncomfortable. But the locals got by pretty well even before Frigidaire marketed the first room cooler in 1929–and so can you. (By the way, that first refrigeration unit used sulfur dioxide refrigerant, had a capacity of one ton (12,000 BTU), and was placed outside a house or in the basement).

An alternative to expensive central or evaporative systems are the waterless, portable a/c units that range from about $180 to $800, depending on BTU. Their beauty is they can be rolled from room to room and don’t need to be fitted into valuable window space.

Whether you’re on a budget or just want to tough it out during the hot times, plenty of advice is available on how to fend off the heat building up inside your home. They may not be perfect, but here some tried-and-true ways to keep cool, beat the heat, and trim the temps.

And, of course, stay hydrated. Keep lots of cool or refrigerated water in the house and drink it often. It’s always your best defense against the heat, indoors or out.

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