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90210: unquestionably one of the most well-known ZIP codes in the country. But Beverly Hills is more than just a glamorous enclave for the rich and famous. It’s a 5.71-square-mile city within a city, rich in history and civic pride.

Many Hollywood stars and other celebrities live there, and you can sometimes spot them shopping at the upscale stores on Rodeo Drive (“The Intersection of Luxury, Fashion & Entertainment”).

Rambling, linear Beverly Gardens Park has fountains and rose gardens spread over almost two miles, plus an illuminated Beverly Hills sign.

The 1920s Greystone Mansion is the backdrop for many films.

Known as a celebrity hangout, The Beverly Hills Hotel is set in tropical gardens and has a poolside café popular with star-gazers.

The homes take center stage

For all the shops, restaurants, and celebrity sightings, the homes are what visitors and residents alike think of as the real stars of the Beverly Hills universe. Buses full of tourists circle the neighborhoods daily, with guides pointing out the homes of movie and TV actors from the silent film era to the present day. The houses range from lavish to unpretentious, and styles are all over the map, but virtually all are well-maintained to keep the city fathers and neighbors happy.

As for the prices…well, it’s best to check our Beverly Hills listings or consult with a Beverly Hills REALTOR®. Just one example: The the former Buster Keaton estate recently sold for $16.2 million, almost twice the original asking price. Prices can go higher or lower, but realistically speaking, be prepared to offer in the low seven figures to be in the running for a Beverly Hills address.

A small-town feeling

“One of the most curious things about Beverly Hills proper is that it’s a very small town. Very established. Very tightly knit,” said Nick Cacarnakis, our Beverly Hills office manager. “Being one of the most established and connected organizations in Beverly Hills, the Chamber of Commerce is a strong ally for business success. The caliber of events, services and networking opportunities facilitated by the chamber are incredible. It really is a fascinating demographic of people to be associated with.”

“I always tell people that we are so incredible lucky to work in such as place as Beverly Hills. Some people spend a lifetime waiting to visit where we get to do what we love every day,” he said. “We are definitely in the middle of it all. We’re blocks away from Rodeo Drive and some of the most glamorous shopping in the world. And, we are surrounded by some of Los Angeles’ most beautiful destinations. It’s just a beautiful place to buy and sell real estate.”

History is all around you

“One of the fun things about this town is all the history. You never know who’s home you might find yourself in, and the history and architecture are one of a kind. There’s just so much here.”

A self-contained city

Surrounded by Los Angeles, and incorporated in 1914, the city of 34,000 residents has its own police and fire departments, public library, and school district with a reputation for some of the best schools in the nation. About 90 percent of the city is zoned for residential use. In 2010, approximately 62 percent of the total dwelling units were apartments and condominiums, and 37 percent were single-family houses. City records show that approximately 82 percent of the multi-family units are apartments and 18 percent are condominiums.

Our office is here to help

Conveniently located near many of the city’s hot and haute spots, Nick’s office is a great place for agents and clients to spend time. Nick, a local expert who is deeply involved in the community, is happy to help connect you with a knowledgeable agent.

“Depending on your definition of entry-level, we do have properties that are more accessible to a larger population. Many clients looking for those entry-level opportunities tend to purchase properties that are Beverly Hills-adjacent or Beverly Hills Post Office rather than in Beverly Hills proper,” Nick said.

While many residents enjoy Beverly Hills for its proximity to movie and recording studios, others, including Nick, appreciate its close-knit nature.

“We have an amazing office culture. We are lucky to be surrounded by very hardworking, friendly and helpful colleagues. The real estate drama factor that occur on television doesn’t exist in my office, and I very much appreciate that. I have a dedicated group of people who work diligently for their clients, and they have a good time doing it. Much to many people’s surprise, we really are a family in this office. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Want to live the Beverly Hills life? Nick and his agents are the community experts. Feel free to contact any of them for everything you want know to about this exceptional, world-famous town.

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