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Architecture around the world

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Few things announce to the world that your city is a center of arts and culture like a first-class opera house. Spectacular buildings that are as much works of art as the performances they house are attractions everywhere from Sydney to Copenhagen to Vienna, and now Yuhang in China can add itself to this prestigious list.

Henning Larsen, the world-renowned architectural firm behind the Royal Danish Opera House and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs building in Riyadh, has turned its considerable expertise toward designing the Yuhang Chinese Opera House. Featuring a design modeled around a unique geometric façade with a sloping roof, the proposed opera house will be the centerpiece of a cultural arts district, complete with two museums and an art school.

“To most people, going to the opera is at once a cultural and social experience: One goes to the opera to see a performance, but also to be seen. Thus, the social interaction of attendees before, during and after the show, is just as important as the design of the auditorium itself,” said Henning Larsen.

Perhaps the most striking element of the design is the location itself. Situated in the middle of the local lake, the opera house will rise out of the water and be visible throughout the city beyond as the centerpiece of the new cultural district of Hangzhou.

Thanks to the unique shape and style of the proposed building, the perception of the building will change depending on the viewing angle of the viewer. Fortunately, since the lake the opera house will come to call home is surrounded by a park and a cityscape on all sides, people throughout the area will have ample opportunity to behold their new work of art and truly appreciate all the subtle beauty it embodies.

Discover more about the planned building and how it will become a world-class institution here.


Photo courtesy of nessa_flame /

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