August 19th, 2014 at 4:00 pm

Nature might just be the ultimate design muse. It makes perfect sense – nature is vast, ever changing, continuously offers new perspectives and allows designers to work in a variety of dimensions. Concepts can come from vegetables, animals, shapes, textures, etc. The possibilities are endless. Elements of nature can have a calming, peaceful and welcoming effect in the home and are an essential part of creating a one-of-a-kind design aesthetic. Accomplishing this in your own home may be easier than you think.

Start by looking at your own walls. Do you have any exposed stone or brick? Using your natural walls as a backdrop is a great way to add texture to any room.

Bring the outdoors into your living room with this stand out coffee table. Not only does it add color and vitality to your room, but it will also be a topic of conversation

EW Coffee Table

Emily Wettstein

A great place to incorporate nature is in your lighting. This natural woven ceiling light adds warmth to any room.

woven cieling light

Cassandra Natural and Bronze 15″ Wide Ceiling Light

Another conversational piece is the gorgeous Metamorphosis designed by Sebastian Errazuriz. Modeled after crawling ivy, this shelf will make a statement in any room.


Metamorphosis by Sebastian Errazuriz

You can also bring nature into your home through color. Look to your favorite plants or even your favorite foods to find inspiration. Take for example the shades found in this palette based off a basket of broccoli!


Color Palette {49} from Color & Spice

Creating a beautiful, natural calming atmosphere can also be as simple as adding a few potted succulents to a table or opening up you curtains to flood your room with light. Experiment at home and let us know your favorite nature inspired design tips.

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