March 23rd, 2016 at 10:00 am

what to plant in your spring garden

Daylight saving time has begun and spring is officially here, which means now is the perfect time to head outside and get to work on your garden!

If you haven’t made a plan for your garden this year, take some time to determine not only what you want to plant, but also where it will be placed, when it will be harvested, and what your garden will look like later in the year. It’s a good idea to plan your garden with varying harvest times to ensure you have a thriving garden all year long.

As cooler temperatures begin to fade, replace your cool-season annuals with plants that thrive in the summertime heat. Below, we’ve outlined fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers that are ready to be planted in Southern California this spring.

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what to plant in your spring garden

Fruit and vegetables to plant in spring

Herbs to plant in spring

Flowers to plant in spring

Once you’ve planted your garden, make sure you’re prepared for spring pests. Warm weather tends to bring out slugs and snails. Put deterrents around your plants–crushed egg shells work well–and set out bait traps.

However, there are some garden guests you should encourage. Invite bees to visit your garden and pollinate your fruits and veggies with bee magnets like Agastache, catmint, lavender, and rudbeckia.

Spring is also an excellent time to begin preparing your lawn. If you have areas that need repair, start patching or planting new seeds now. With warmer weather and sunnier days quickly approaching, now is also a good time to consider replacing your grass or other areas of your yard with drought-tolerant plants.

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