February 12th, 2015 at 4:00 pm

final walkthrough checklist

The final walkthrough is an exciting time for homebuyers. At this point, you’re close to becoming a homeowner. Don’t let the joy and prospect of owning a new home let you forget the importance of a final walkthrough. Be sure you’re taking a careful look around your property. During a final walkthrough you can determine if repairs have been completed and confirm that the property is in adequate condition. To help guide you through the final walkthrough, we’ve put together this checklist. Print it out and bring with when you’re ready to inspect your property.

Have all your requested repairs been made?                            
Make a list of what is in your sales agreement. Have all the changes been made? Yes No
Do you have all warranty documentation for the repairs made? Yes No
Do all your appliances and major systems work?
Dishwasher Yes No
Heater Yes No
Air conditioner Yes No
Thermostat Yes No
Ceiling fans Yes No
Hot/cold water on all faucets Yes No
Refrigerator/freezer Yes No
Microwave oven Yes No
All burners on stove and oven Yes No
Garbage disposal Yes No
Washing machine/dryer Yes No
Electrical outlets Yes No
Lighting Yes No
Smoke detectors Yes No
Garage door Yes No
Doorbell Yes No
Alarm System Yes No
Any remotes or keypads Yes No
Check all plumbing
Do all toilets flush? Yes No
Do all sinks fill and drain properly? Yes No
Do all tubs fill and drain properly? Yes No
Do all jets on tubs work? Yes No
Do all showers drain properly? Yes No
Check all windows and doors
Do all windows and doors open and close properly? Yes No
Do all lock and/or latch? Yes No
Do all windows have screens? Yes No
Do all windows have storm windows? Yes No
Are any windows broken? Yes No
Check for mold
Do the windows have mold? Yes No
Is there mold or water damage under any sinks? Yes No
Are there signs of mold or water damage by the showers? Yes No
Are there signs of mold or water damage by the toilets? Yes No
Are there signs of mold or water damage by any of the appliances? Yes No
Check the exterior of the property
Is there any change or damage to the roof, shutters, and siding on the exterior? Yes No
If there’s an irrigation system, are there any leaks? Yes No
Do all outdoor lights and electrical outlets work? Yes No
Are all railings, decks, and stairs sturdy? Yes No
Is the landscaping intact? Yes No
Check cleanliness
Has all garbage been removed from the property? Yes No
Is the home clean? Yes No
Have all smudges been removed from the walls? Yes No


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