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The final walkthrough is an exciting time for homebuyers. At this point, you’re close to becoming a homeowner. Don’t let the joy and prospect of owning a new home let you forget the importance of a final walkthrough. Be sure you’re taking a careful look around your property. During a final walkthrough you can determine if repairs have been completed and confirm that the property is in adequate condition. To help guide you through the final walkthrough, we’ve put together this checklist. Print it out and bring with when you’re ready to inspect your property.

Have all your requested repairs been made?                            
Make a list of what is in your sales agreement. Have all the changes been made?YesNo
Do you have all warranty documentation for the repairs made?YesNo
Do all your appliances and major systems work?
Air conditionerYesNo
Ceiling fansYesNo
Hot/cold water on all faucetsYesNo
Microwave ovenYesNo
All burners on stove and ovenYesNo
Garbage disposalYesNo
Washing machine/dryerYesNo
Electrical outletsYesNo
Smoke detectorsYesNo
Garage doorYesNo
Alarm SystemYesNo
Any remotes or keypadsYesNo
Check all plumbing
Do all toilets flush?YesNo
Do all sinks fill and drain properly?YesNo
Do all tubs fill and drain properly?YesNo
Do all jets on tubs work?YesNo
Do all showers drain properly?YesNo
Check all windows and doors
Do all windows and doors open and close properly?YesNo
Do all lock and/or latch?YesNo
Do all windows have screens?YesNo
Do all windows have storm windows?YesNo
Are any windows broken?YesNo
Check for mold
Do the windows have mold?YesNo
Is there mold or water damage under any sinks?YesNo
Are there signs of mold or water damage by the showers?YesNo
Are there signs of mold or water damage by the toilets?YesNo
Are there signs of mold or water damage by any of the appliances?YesNo
Check the exterior of the property
Is there any change or damage to the roof, shutters, and siding on the exterior?YesNo
If there’s an irrigation system, are there any leaks?YesNo
Do all outdoor lights and electrical outlets work?YesNo
Are all railings, decks, and stairs sturdy?YesNo
Is the landscaping intact?YesNo
Check cleanliness
Has all garbage been removed from the property?YesNo
Is the home clean?YesNo
Have all smudges been removed from the walls?YesNo

The Comprehensive Final Walkthrough Checklist for the Home Buyer

In the home buying process, the final walkthrough is a crucial step that ensures everything is in order before closing the deal. This detailed inspection serves as your last chance to assess the property and verify that it meets your expectations. In this helpful guide, we will help explain why the final walk through is important, what to look for during inspection, who should be involved, and how to handle any potential issues. 

Understanding the Final Walkthrough 

The final walkthrough is an essential component of the home buying process. It allows you to examine the property one last time before closing to ensure that it aligns with the agreed-upon terms and conditions. This inspection ensures that the property’s condition remains consistent with what you saw during the initial viewing and that any negotiated repairs or changes have been completed to your satisfaction.

The Importance of the Final Walkthrough 

The final walkthrough acts as a safeguard against unexpected surprises. In this thorough inspection, you can identify any potential issues or discrepancies and address them before finalizing the transaction. It also provides an opportunity to verify that no new problems have emerged since the initial home inspection and that the seller has maintained the property adequately.

What to Look for During the Final Walkthrough 

During the final walkthrough, it is crucial to pay attention to the following key areas:

Who Should Conduct The Final Walkthrough? 

Ideally, both the homebuyer and their real estate agent should be present during the final walkthrough. Your real estate agent can provide valuable guidance, answer questions, and offer insights based on their experience. Having them by your side ensures that you have a knowledgeable advocate who can help navigate any unexpected issues that may arise during the walkthrough.

When Should The Final Walkthrough Be Conducted?

Schedule the final walkthrough as close to the closing date as possible so the property is in the same condition as when you agree to purchase it. Conducting the walkthrough a day or two before the closing allows time for any necessary resolutions or negotiations.

How Long Should The Final Walkthrough Take?

The duration of the final walkthrough naturally will vary depending on the size and condition of the property. On average, it takes around one to two hours to complete. However, it’s essential not to rush through the inspection. Take your time and address any concerns that may arise.

What If You Encounter Issues During The Final Walkthrough?

If you encounter issues during the final walkthrough, there are several steps you can take:

By following these steps and handling any issues proactively, you can ensure that the final walkthrough leads to a successful closing and a smooth transition into your new home.


The final walkthrough is an integral part of the home buying process. By conducting a thorough inspection and following the house walkthrough checklist, you can protect yourself from potential issues and ensure that the property meets your expectations. Remember to involve California real estate agents, document any problems, and address them promptly through negotiations or repairs. With these guidelines in hand, you’ll be well-prepared to finalize the purchase of your new home and embark on the exciting new chapter of homeownership.



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