March 12th, 2024 at 4:29 pm

As the calendar and rainy weather continue to remind us that winter is still upon us, the Southern California real estate market appears to be experiencing an early spring. Renowned economist Steven Thomas, who recently shared his insights as a guest speaker on Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices California Properties’ GO LIVE broadcast, highlighted several positive indicators that suggest a promising season ahead.

Increased Home Listings Signal Positive Shift

One notable sign of optimism in the Southern California real estate market is the surge in the number of homeowners willing to sell. Comparing last month to January 2023, there has been a significant increase, marking the first time that January new listings have surpassed the figures from the same month since 2021. This trend signifies a proactive response from sellers and potential sellers, indicating a readiness to take advantage of the current market conditions.

Listings Surge by 17%

The real estate market in Southern California is witnessing a notable uptick, with listings soaring by an impressive 17% compared to the previous January. This surge is a clear indication of the renewed confidence among homeowners and an acknowledgment of the potential opportunities that exist in the current market.

Low Inventory and Increasing Demand

Despite the rise in listings, there remains a low inventory in the Southern California real estate market. This scarcity is further fueling the growing demand, which is expected to peak in May. For homeowners contemplating selling their properties, this suggests that the upcoming months may present an excellent opportunity to enter the market and capitalize on the heightened demand.

Mortgage Rates and Predictions

A critical factor influencing the real estate market is the prevailing mortgage rates. As of February, rates stand at 7.6%, and projections indicate a potential decrease to the 6-6.5% range in the upcoming Spring and Summer months. This expected adjustment in rates could further stimulate buyer interest and contribute to a more dynamic market.

Anticipated Time on the Market:

The Southern California real estate market is showing signs of efficiency, with the expected time on the market reduced to only 58 days. This suggests a quicker turnaround for sellers and a more dynamic environment for both buyers and sellers alike.

In conclusion, Steven Thomas’s insights into the Southern California real estate market paint a picture of optimism and resilience. The surge in listings, coupled with low inventory and increasing demand, creates a favorable environment for those considering entering the market. As we navigate the transition from winter to spring, the Southern California real estate market appears poised for growth and presents an opportune time for homeowners to make their move. Whether you’re a potential seller or buyer, keeping a close eye on these emerging trends will be crucial in making informed decisions in the coming months.

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