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The role of a real estate agent in new home construction

What is the role of a real estate agent in new-construction home? We asked New Home Specialist Mary Chaparro for her expert insight on the new homes market and what benefits an agent can offer buyers.

She shares there is more to living in a community of new homes than just being the first to occupy a freshly minted house and enjoying all of its up-to-date features.

“When you do buy new, you and your neighbors are creating a special synergy within that community, unique to any existing neighborhood. It is a different experience compared to buying in an established community,” said Mary Chaparro, Broker Associate with Chaparro and Associates Real Estate in our Del Mar office. An agent for more than 35 years, Mary is not only a New Homes Specialist in our New Homes Division, but also a Luxury Specialist, providing high-level service focused on residential real estate and new-home builder services.

“There are some amazing benefits with brand-new construction,” Mary said. “You experience and watch that property develop from the ground up. It’s an exciting process that affords the purchaser an opportunity to customize selections and be part of the development process.” 

As homebuyers consider their housing opportunities, and when they’re weighing a new home vs. a pre-owned or “resale” home, Mary said there is a tremendous benefit to new construction. The consumer is gaining the latest building codes, the latest design trends, safety features, and energy efficiency in those properties.

What about on-site agents?

Many potential buyers learn when visiting model homes that an on-site agent is there to try to initiate a sale. That should not be an obstacle to working with your own agent, Mary said. “Because we understand the new-home process, we are able to provide better representation for those clients and help them maximize their purchase value. We work with them to consider all negotiations and aspects that might need to be addressed during or post-construction. There is no reason a consumer should not have buyer representation with any new-home purchase as well. Builders often appreciate the representation too as we help buyers stay on track with important deadlines and their purchase process.

“The fact that we have a New Homes Division, while many other large brokerages do not, and the training that our company provides, is the No. 1 benefit to clients. We can inform them about things that are going on early in a planned development before it even hits the market.”

Mary has found that clients often don’t understand the entire new-home process. Having an agent as their advocate can help homebuyers by providing more due diligence. That can include additional research on a property, plus post-construction inspections, because builders sometimes miss things that might need to be addressed or completed in a home. “Construction is not a perfect science, and mistakes do happen. As we know, buying and selling a home can be a stressful process as is, and construction errors can add another dimension. Proper representation can definitely make a difference in that experience as well.” 

To ensure new-home agents obtain the highest level of knowledge, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices offers agents a New Home Specialist certification program. It provides the latest information for understanding land development, construction components, how a specific home comes together, and much more to keep clients continuously informed about prospective purchases.

An invaluable service to clients is the ability to help them when they’re considering their inspection processes, said Mary, who has achieved the certification, along with the Certified New Home Sales Professional designation. “And we’re evaluating homes, not just from the standpoint of structure and finishes, but also helping them to assess surrounding land use. What’s happening underground? What system is the builder using? What are those intrinsic factors one might not be considering at face value? I think it is a great service to clients to provide that expertise in their purchase process.

Mary encourages potential new-home buyers to seek a Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices California Properties New Homes Specialist in their area before embarking on their search for a home in a new development: “Many times, the consumer will just contact the home builder directly, but they would be well served to contact one of our New Homes Specialists and begin a conversation. It’s important have a discussion with a client and establish that relationship. A great new-homes agent can start the educational process on benefits, pros, and cons to new versus resale homes.”

Another great option is to seek a new-home development that is represented exclusively by a Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices California Properties New Homes Specialist. They are invested in the communities they serve and live in – like Mary.

“Using myself as an example,” she said, “I know no other agent has my complete perspective and experience with new-home sales and marketing, and how that relates to our current development in our San Diego County market. My clients have an advantage due to established relationships and my professional experience. Real estate and new-home development is a passion of mine. Passion for the American Dream is what initiated my career in 1984. And as clichéd as that sounds, it’s what drove me from Day One to get involved with home builders. And it still is to this day.

“When you think about your home, it’s your shelter, it’s where you raise your family. It’s typically the biggest investment somebody makes. And as a New Homes Specialist, I really feel it’s important to share with clients some of differences in considering a new or pre-owned home. There are intrinsic benefits of new construction that a pre-owned home does not have.”

About Chaparro and Associates Real Estate

With a dynamic team approach, Chaparro and Associates Real Estate brings experience and a shared vision of dedicated service to their clients. The team’s success is unmatched thanks to their comprehensive knowledge of real estate, including marketing and merchandising, expert customer service, finance, and negotiations, with an in-depth understanding of cultural diversities.

Chaparro and Associates Real Estate has consistently attained high recognition, including the Chairman’s Circle placing them in the top percentage of more than 50,000 sales associates in the Berkshire Hathaway Home Services global network. They are also recognized within Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices California Properties’ Top 50 in production for San Diego County for 2022.

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